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In the past decade it has become increasingly more difficult to achieve the balance of running and marketing a health based business.

The Health Hub Academy is a unique community that provides access to potential clients and other practitioners plus experienced advisors who can support and mentor you to Enhance, Enlighten and Enrich your Health Based Business.

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Do you have the mindset to take your heart-centred business up to a level that nourishes YOU as much as you nourish your clients?

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HIIT Walk your way to health with this holistic health and wellness program for mind and body. It has a proven track record and will guide and support you.

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Sue Worrall - Health Hub Academy Founder MemberHi, I am Sue Worrall, I am passionate about health and wellbeing and like many people a wakeup call with my own health stated my journey to becoming a nutritionist. As a clinician I worked in many areas of health from children, families to high-end sport professionals.  

I am a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and have a wealth of experience in helping people regain active fulfilling lives. I am the founder of Health Hub Academy which came about from my desire to reach out to every health based practitioner to grow their business so we can truly enable health to thrive globally. 

I have experienced the time constraints of running a business where you give your very best to patients and clients whilst neglecting your business goals and marketing.

My mission is for Health To Thrive Globally and to do that we need as many full throttle and successful entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry to push health to every corner of the globe.

With our experts in the Health Hub Academy we have developed systems, and processes which enables us to build and help health and wellbeing business owners to run highly successful, results driven businesses. 

Sue Worrall - Marketing For The Health and Wellness Industry