5 Characteristics Of A Successful Clinician

5 Characteristics Of A Successful Clinician

I ran successful clinics for over 20 year and by successful, I mean that I never needed to advertise, my clients came to me by referrals.

To do this you have to deliver and run a model of servicing patients or clients.

Working in the private sector is a whole different world for health care professionals who have moved from the NHS. For it work for you need to have a passion for your work and helping others, and you need to be a able to give practical take – away advice that they can be easily followed and sustained.

Here are 5 great tips to make your practice work for your patients and you. 


To grow professionally, demonstrate competency, and become an expert within your profession.

It is paramount to be self-motivated. Being self-motivated encompasses a variety of traits that lead to success.

Be enthusiastic about your profession. Always go above and beyond for your patients. Research, gather and disseminate knowledge. This is what sets apart the best clinicians and leads to the achievement and advancement of your practice goals.

There may be times when our patients may be lacking self-motivation for one reason or another. Displaying this motivation with patients each and every day may be just what it takes to give them the confidence to achieve what they once thought impossible.


How many of us have been to a restaurant and had such an amazing experience and felt that someone went above and beyond just to ensure that you had the perfect experience? This is an exchange of abundance.

Always strive to give more than what is expected and you will encounter great success with all of your patients and also throughout your career.


To have true understanding in any given situation, communication, affinity and reality must work in harmony.

Combing the above skills is paramount  to provide the highest quality care to your patients and to achieve the best outcomes for them.

Work to build affinity with your patients as well as your colleagues and support staff. If things don’t seem to be going right try to look at the situation from another “reality.”

Strive for open and honest communication in all situations.


Flexibility for clinicians leads to success with patients. While there is always a plan in place for treatment sessions, remaining flexible is essential. You will undoubtedly be thrown curve balls and adapting accordingly is what sets the best clinicians aside and ensures your goals are achieved.


Managing time effectively will lead to success as a clinician and is crucial when planning your treatment sessions, when scheduling patients and completing documentation in a timely fashion.

Understanding the importance of time management early on will reduce stress, improve efficiency as well as increase the quality of work being produced.

Keeping all of these in mind as you navigate through your therapy career will allow you to maintain a central focus on clinical excellence and patient-centered care.



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