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Are you a profit or loss Entrepreneur?

Deciding your place in the business profit market is a nostalgic choice that comes from years of your past emotional conditioning. Yes you are the decider of your profits, not your product or your business but you the business owner and employees.

The responsibility of growth and input to the financial profit making machine of your business will always start at the top of the leader board and work its way down the production line of responsibility. For today let’s focus on the business owner or the emotional dictators of the business, namely the directors of the business.

The word “profit” has no value until a value has been put to it for most cases and rarely recognised, until I introduced my EETA coaching programmes into the USA some eight years ago. The value of profit is dictated by the value of the business owners personal value of his/hers personal emotional worth, and that worth comes from the parental years with mam and dad. In short the worth of the child in you dictates the monetary figure and value to the word “PROFIT” in your business and is never any other way. There is no getting away from it, you have to acknowledge and invest in your personal and social awareness skills to unfold your talent and increase the value of your profits to business.

The fluctuations of profit and loss in your business at the given time of recognition is a direct result of a rise and fall within your personal self-worth and self-awareness that would have played out some two/three weeks beforehand within your personal life and for many if the loss in profits in the business still continuously keeps showing fashion then the home and personal life of the business owner is dictating that loss through personal shifts and stubbornness in seeing oneself and that is it in a nutshell. How easy, and the good news being I can make this happen for you, through my personal designed business coaching programmes unique to Accolade Academy, I will make the you of you successful and turn it into business profits, a win/win for you in every way.

Positive thoughts, Paul Rees – international Executive Business Coach

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