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The Gut Our Second Brain

No longer is the digestive system viewed as a long tube that simply passes food along to deliver nutrition. Medical research over the past 20 years has in fact shown the gut to have a huge impact on overall health. Links between gut health and mood, mental health, the immune system, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, […]

What Are You Worth To Your Business – Your Seat Value?

Do you recognise the importance of your seat value in your business? This value is what you are salary worth in the physical and emotional space you take within your business working space to run, lead, and manage its growth. “Seat value” is a term used in the hospitality and pub industry for every seat […]

Advertising to Facebook Group Members

It has long been a much sort after feature for many Facebook advertisers – the ability to advertise to members of a Facebook group. Why Advertise to members of a Facebook Group? Advertising to members of Facebook Groups is advantageous for a number of reasons, firstly they are a members of a group for one […]