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Your business will never be worth more than you

So many aspire for success and riches for depleted reasons rather than worth reasons. Meaning ninety-five percent of entrepreneurs and business persons fail because their reasoning for success is to own and invent a materialistic status that’s purpose is to synthetically fill a void of not feeling worthy of success in the first place. It’s […]

How do you generate profits from loss?

How do you generate profits from loss – Skilling You Softly How do you generate profits from loss, it’s easier said than done for some because your losses and repeated losses in business has come from an habitual ingrained inheritance of emotional “I’m not worth it” rut. An invisible mirrored trigger so hidden in your […]

Are you a profit or loss Entrepreneur?

Deciding your place in the business profit market is a nostalgic choice that comes from years of your past emotional conditioning. Yes you are the decider of your profits, not your product or your business but you the business owner and employees. The responsibility of growth and input to the financial profit making machine of […]