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Your business will never be worth more than you

So many aspire for success and riches for depleted reasons rather than worth reasons. Meaning ninety-five percent of entrepreneurs and business persons fail because their reasoning for success is to own and invent a materialistic status that’s purpose is to synthetically fill a void of not feeling worthy of success in the first place. It’s so ironic that ninety-five percent of budding entrepreneur’s failures is never due to his/her talent or skill but more so due to not recognising the worth of themselves before the need to gain the material uplift from the wealth of the business or career in the first place. In a nutshell, many are working with the mind-set of building their entrepreneurial careers to stay out of poverty rather than increase wealth from their efforts. Which in turn results in over eighty percent of failed efforts resulting due to a slow down once the budding entrepreneur has reached a place of financial relax..

My point here is, success must be already achieved before being achieved, sounds a little impossible and for much back to front, but no it is exactly in the correct order. How strong is your absolute knowing that you are worth your aspirations? What’s your historic life value in thought to action? What’s the value of your emotional past? And lastly whose disappointments are you playing out in your life, Mam or Dads. If you believe in your heart success is for you and are still procrastinating in its achievements then you are most definitely switching between mam and dads adopted traits and triggers of doubts, and for the most practicing a varied “Invented to authentic you” in your daily productive activities..

It is time for recognition and motivation, and this will take a great deal of acknowledgment on your part. You will require a great deal of self-understanding with a clear conscience, whilst remaining guilt-free within your self-analysis of who you are and whom you practice. You have to find the root of your hold-back and repeated disappointments in your inability to break into the league of pure success in life and business..

If you are refusing to see which part of your hidden disappointments in life you keep re-enacting and are remaining loyal to then you will be chasing to no avail success all your life. At the very top of my voice, I shout to you these words “WHO ARE YOU” do you really know the true “who” you are over the invented you. The person that came to this earth with no understanding of doubt and fed purely from the ingredients of growth from the talents within oneself, let’s remember here we all have the same potential of talent within us although demonstrated in different ways with varied motor skills. So on that note how come there are such variant levels of success globally, well we could say it was luck, good timing of events, an inheritance to business, and even the skill of the successful entrepreneur and while these are all true factors each is empty of momentum without one’s recognition to their birthed organic inner belief of “I am worth financial freedom”, a recognition to your own ecosystem of success that rightfully entered your life with you on the grand day of your birthday start-date.

Make today that day, the day, the winning day of turn around, and divorce “your loyalties to disappointments”, divorce the disappointed people who support your loyal disappointments practices, and lastly re-surface in yourself the most powerful and organic ingredient that came in with you on that birthday: Your self-worth – Paul Rees

8 Top Tips To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out

I must admit I hate writing bio’s for social media accounts. It is the art of a good copywriter to get so many points condensed down to 150 characters and your bio will be the very first thing a new follower will come across. So here are my 8 Top Tips To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out.

In the days of limited attention spans, grabbing the attention of a potential follower is crucial and some of the hints and tips below will hopefully help you to turn visitors into followers or even customers.

  1. Your Profile Picture


This is an area that so many people overlook. Very much like LinkedIn this is a key image that you should take some time over and it should clearly show you or your brands logo.

My Instagram profile photo above is the same as my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile images, p.s feel free to follow me on all the platforms!

  1. Change Your Bio font

The-Nicect-Guys-In-Marketing- Instagram Profile

This can really make your profile stand out from the crowd but it isn’t immediately obvious how it can be done.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to do it on the platform directly but there are a number of websites that will allow you to copy and paste your text in. IGFonts is one and LingoJam Font Changer is another. Simply paste your bio copy into these tools and they will give you a number of different font styles which you can copy and paste back into your IG profile.

As you can see from The Nicest Guys In Marketing profile the use of a different font can really help the profile pop out at a visitor.


Be careful here, test the output that is created, often these fonts may give some funny outputs and any hashtags (See Below) or links may be malformed.

  1. You MUST Mention Your Skills

If you are using your Instagram account to push your business then you should always mention your skills in your Bio. This is ideal real estate to tell the world what you do and how you can help them solve their problems.

If your Instagram account is professional treat the bio like it is your Linkedin Profile!

  1. Use Parallel Bars To Separate Skills Or Sentences

This is an excellent way to draw attention to your profile. It also gives your bio a much cleaner look and allows any potential followers to scan your profile quickly. After all, attention spans are not great when people are browsing!


  1. Use #Hashtags In Your Bio

Like my bio above the use of #Hashtags is a really useful tool to allow people to discover content. You can even create your very own #Hashtag as well which is what we have done for #TheNicestGuysInMarketing

  1. Research Your Keywords

Like all SEO choosing the right keywords is essential to being found. The right keywords for your industry will see you appearing higher in results pages of search engines and drive more followers your way.

  1. Use emojis

Whilst not only adding a bit of fun to your bio the use of emojis can help to direct people to take a Call To Action (CTA).

The-Nicect-Guys-In-Marketing- Instagram Profile

Looking at the bio from The Nicest Guys In Marketing profile you can see the emoji is placed to draw peoples eyes down to the website link.

Emojis are not just for a young audience, use them wisely!

  1. Include A Call To Action

This is often an area that people leave out and given the 150 character limit it is more than understandable.


You can see from my bio I have simply said “Say Hello” this is enough and provides a friendly voice amongst the corporate part of my bio.

Creating That Perfect Instagram Profile

If you are new to the Instagram community or a veteran I hope these few really simple hints and tricks will be of use to you. If you use your Instagram profile for your business then I hope these top tips will go a long way to helping you to get more exposure.

For more hints and tips and weekly meetings to help build your health based business why not become an associate member of the Health Hub Academy.

What Are You Worth To Your Business – Your Seat Value?

Do you recognise the importance of your seat value in your business?

This value is what you are salary worth in the physical and emotional space you take within your business working space to run, lead, and manage its growth. “Seat value” is a term used in the hospitality and pub industry for every seat available in the establishment or customer floor space it must turn over an expected revenue to justify its place in the business. You the business owner take the same seat space in your business.

Many business owners barely rate and pay themselves above min wage, and equally many justify poor salary against slow periods, a justification of no income to protect the business. This common low business mindset practice is diseased throughout business poverty efficiency. Yes, I put the words poverty and efficiency in the same sentence, and as fusing as that will sound when reading out loud many business owners are happy to marry those words. A great disguise for low leadership business ideas values.

Let me put this in another way, if you employ a skilled person for 30k a year you are paying for all that person experience up to that point in time of employment into your business. The new employee should then offer into your business at least ten times that salary annually in new ideas potential. That does not mean the number will accurately hit that expectation, but the ten times effort of ideas growth must be practiced for the business to advance from the invested 30k annually from that person’s quality of mindset and ideas values. This practice will then organically grow the business and force a return of employee salary investment.

This leads me on to you the business owner. You cannot increase your seat value unless you work on the who you are to better what you are, a phrase over used but incredibly accurate, and the who you are is your interpersonal advanced soft skills . The seat value math in business is overlooked because it points the accountability back to the accountable person – the owner, the leadership team or even every employee in the business. Is the quality of your ownership and or your leadership into your business equal to your salary, should you be paid less or more?, Please take your time to answer, it takes a healthy ego to see cracks in self value. When you upskill your interpersonal mindset to increase experience rather than the other way round you are multiplying organic growth, that growth then organically gets adopted by all the business tools and processes that then uptakes into efficiency and growth.

Business regardless of its module is designed to make money from an excellence of service and product, regardless of climate or purpose. Just like a car is designed to drive, business has its own same one direction purpose, and the car requires a driver with skilled awareness and good quality fuel, same for your business, you are the mindset fuel to your business drive. Your current seat value salary is your current quality of mindset and belief in success. When you increase your seat value you increase your demand on your value to the business as would be the same for any employee.

Do not hide behind poor excuses for poor salary or even over-inflated salaries that math’s too synthetic seat values. Really assess the quality of your seat value to your business and move the math and re-invent who you are projecting out. Money is emotion and emotions are your value

How do you generate profits from loss?

How do you generate profits from loss – Skilling You Softly

How do you generate profits from loss, it’s easier said than done for some because your losses and repeated losses in business has come from an habitual ingrained inheritance of emotional “I’m not worth it” rut. An invisible mirrored trigger so hidden in your subconscious that to see it you will have to STOP blaming all and everything else around you, then absolutely point the finger at yourself unconditionally with pride and observation.

The successful entrepreneur will always look at him/herself first, and yes product, market, staff, and other vital sale tolls are hugely necessary to complement but let us remember they are just complementing to what really matters. Your business module knows no difference between loss and profit, knows no value in money, your business module is an off the shelf box of possibilities that has to then be fed and watered from the fruits and streams of untarnished ingredients, selected from the highest of organic makings and that making is YOU. You must be emotionally chemically free; meaning your input to success has no interference from inherited doubts and a synthetic emotional ego, all of which birthed in the first quarter of your life.

Just like your food, organically perfect, with no additives or preservatives, you must be as pure with your understanding of your personal and social awareness and birthed self-worth. In my past articles, I have mentioned the difference in REACT and RESPOND and this is where you will find your gauge as to how clean your ingredients are within your emotional organic corporate self of emotional intelligence and soft skills practice into clear profit decision making. If you have not made the observation, then you are not going to make the change from loss to profit, or generic to business stardom.

Assess your repeated loyalty to disappointments practice, this takes time and patience. How do you do this, by looking into all your decision making each day. Are you holding back in fear of repeating a disappointment experienced at some point earlier in your life? Are you making decisions based on doubt over success and avoiding potential opportunities because they feel too big to achieve? Our loyalty to disappointment practice is ingrained in us from the first 15 years of our life and does not play out in the same practical form in our adult life and professional days, but emotionally feels the same.

This soft skill advanced observation will win you leaps in business growth providing you are ready to see the true “YOU” cause and effect to every decision made by you today from the emotional first 15 years of your life. There is no getting away from “YOU” because your business is the shop window to all of your doubts and fears in life, that’s business – Paul Rees

Health Business Entrepreneur

Are you a profit or loss Entrepreneur?

Deciding your place in the business profit market is a nostalgic choice that comes from years of your past emotional conditioning. Yes you are the decider of your profits, not your product or your business but you the business owner and employees.

The responsibility of growth and input to the financial profit making machine of your business will always start at the top of the leader board and work its way down the production line of responsibility. For today let’s focus on the business owner or the emotional dictators of the business, namely the directors of the business.

The word “profit” has no value until a value has been put to it for most cases and rarely recognised, until I introduced my EETA coaching programmes into the USA some eight years ago. The value of profit is dictated by the value of the business owners personal value of his/hers personal emotional worth, and that worth comes from the parental years with mam and dad. In short the worth of the child in you dictates the monetary figure and value to the word “PROFIT” in your business and is never any other way. There is no getting away from it, you have to acknowledge and invest in your personal and social awareness skills to unfold your talent and increase the value of your profits to business.

The fluctuations of profit and loss in your business at the given time of recognition is a direct result of a rise and fall within your personal self-worth and self-awareness that would have played out some two/three weeks beforehand within your personal life and for many if the loss in profits in the business still continuously keeps showing fashion then the home and personal life of the business owner is dictating that loss through personal shifts and stubbornness in seeing oneself and that is it in a nutshell. How easy, and the good news being I can make this happen for you, through my personal designed business coaching programmes unique to Accolade Academy, I will make the you of you successful and turn it into business profits, a win/win for you in every way.

Positive thoughts, Paul Rees – international Executive Business Coach