How do you generate profits from loss?

How do you generate profits from loss – Skilling You Softly

How do you generate profits from loss, it’s easier said than done for some because your losses and repeated losses in business has come from an habitual ingrained inheritance of emotional “I’m not worth it” rut. An invisible mirrored trigger so hidden in your subconscious that to see it you will have to STOP blaming all and everything else around you, then absolutely point the finger at yourself unconditionally with pride and observation.

The successful entrepreneur will always look at him/herself first, and yes product, market, staff, and other vital sale tolls are hugely necessary to complement but let us remember they are just complementing to what really matters. Your business module knows no difference between loss and profit, knows no value in money, your business module is an off the shelf box of possibilities that has to then be fed and watered from the fruits and streams of untarnished ingredients, selected from the highest of organic makings and that making is YOU. You must be emotionally chemically free; meaning your input to success has no interference from inherited doubts and a synthetic emotional ego, all of which birthed in the first quarter of your life.

Just like your food, organically perfect, with no additives or preservatives, you must be as pure with your understanding of your personal and social awareness and birthed self-worth. In my past articles, I have mentioned the difference in REACT and RESPOND and this is where you will find your gauge as to how clean your ingredients are within your emotional organic corporate self of emotional intelligence and soft skills practice into clear profit decision making. If you have not made the observation, then you are not going to make the change from loss to profit, or generic to business stardom.

Assess your repeated loyalty to disappointments practice, this takes time and patience. How do you do this, by looking into all your decision making each day. Are you holding back in fear of repeating a disappointment experienced at some point earlier in your life? Are you making decisions based on doubt over success and avoiding potential opportunities because they feel too big to achieve? Our loyalty to disappointment practice is ingrained in us from the first 15 years of our life and does not play out in the same practical form in our adult life and professional days, but emotionally feels the same.

This soft skill advanced observation will win you leaps in business growth providing you are ready to see the true “YOU” cause and effect to every decision made by you today from the emotional first 15 years of your life. There is no getting away from “YOU” because your business is the shop window to all of your doubts and fears in life, that’s business – Paul Rees

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