Think like an entrepreneur

Your business will never be worth more than you

So many aspire for success and riches for depleted reasons rather than worth reasons. Meaning ninety-five percent of entrepreneurs and business persons fail because their reasoning for success is to own and invent a materialistic status that’s purpose is to synthetically fill a void of not feeling worthy of success in the first place. It’s so ironic that ninety-five percent of budding entrepreneur’s failures is never due to his/her talent or skill but more so due to not recognising the worth of themselves before the need to gain the material uplift from the wealth of the business or career in the first place. In a nutshell, many are working with the mind-set of building their entrepreneurial careers to stay out of poverty rather than increase wealth from their efforts. Which in turn results in over eighty percent of failed efforts resulting due to a slow down once the budding entrepreneur has reached a place of financial relax..

My point here is, success must be already achieved before being achieved, sounds a little impossible and for much back to front, but no it is exactly in the correct order. How strong is your absolute knowing that you are worth your aspirations? What’s your historic life value in thought to action? What’s the value of your emotional past? And lastly whose disappointments are you playing out in your life, Mam or Dads. If you believe in your heart success is for you and are still procrastinating in its achievements then you are most definitely switching between mam and dads adopted traits and triggers of doubts, and for the most practicing a varied “Invented to authentic you” in your daily productive activities..

It is time for recognition and motivation, and this will take a great deal of acknowledgment on your part. You will require a great deal of self-understanding with a clear conscience, whilst remaining guilt-free within your self-analysis of who you are and whom you practice. You have to find the root of your hold-back and repeated disappointments in your inability to break into the league of pure success in life and business..

If you are refusing to see which part of your hidden disappointments in life you keep re-enacting and are remaining loyal to then you will be chasing to no avail success all your life. At the very top of my voice, I shout to you these words “WHO ARE YOU” do you really know the true “who” you are over the invented you. The person that came to this earth with no understanding of doubt and fed purely from the ingredients of growth from the talents within oneself, let’s remember here we all have the same potential of talent within us although demonstrated in different ways with varied motor skills. So on that note how come there are such variant levels of success globally, well we could say it was luck, good timing of events, an inheritance to business, and even the skill of the successful entrepreneur and while these are all true factors each is empty of momentum without one’s recognition to their birthed organic inner belief of “I am worth financial freedom”, a recognition to your own ecosystem of success that rightfully entered your life with you on the grand day of your birthday start-date.

Make today that day, the day, the winning day of turn around, and divorce “your loyalties to disappointments”, divorce the disappointed people who support your loyal disappointments practices, and lastly re-surface in yourself the most powerful and organic ingredient that came in with you on that birthday: Your self-worth – Paul Rees

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